The world is not as it used to be. And neither are we. Luckily, we can take concrete actions to protect our shared home, the planet. Among TUOHI Jewelry’s core values are ecological materials and ethical processes. Our jewelry is designed and manufactured in such a way that its lifespan burdens the environment as little as possible. The design of TUOHI Jewelry is timeless and the materials and other technical features high-quality, which makes the jewelry last from generation to generation.


Using silver as a material for jewelry is an ecological choice in itself because this precious metal can be recycled, repaired and reused again and again. The reusability of silver makes it the most sustainable choice possible. You don’t need to mine silver anymore when you can melt it and use it again. We also collect all silver left over in our manufacturing and utilize it when making our next jewelry pieces. We use 100% recycled silver in all our jewelry, acquired from responsible operators, mainly in Scandinavia. TUOHI Jewelry is packed and shipped using environmentally friendly materials. We also provide CO2 neutral shipping worldwide. The annual CO2 emissions from the deliveries are compensated through approved environmental projects.


We are committed to manufacturing TUOHI Jewelry ethically. Fair trade means that the jewelry is made by goldsmiths who work under safe and humane conditions and are paid a fair wage for their work. The jewelry is also crafted using environmentally sustainable methods. All pieces of TUOHI Jewelry are handcrafted in Finland in a goldsmith’s workshop. We also select our partners carefully to ensure that they, too, are operating as responsibly and transparently as possible.


Let us start a more responsible life now, at the latest. When we buy something, let’s weigh our options and buy something that we can cherish forever. Let’s take concrete actions together. We at TUOHI Jewelry are constantly working on being more sustainable and responsible. However, we have to keep in mind that the world is never going to be finished, which is why every single choice can’t always be as ecological and ethical as we would wish, since the best possible option isn’t necessarily available yet. So let’s value all the smart steps in the right direction and let’s remember to be kind and humane towards each other, for kindness reflects kindness today and every day.

We would appreciate it if you would like to share any ideas for improving our sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. You can email us or share new ideas on FB or IG.