TUOHI Jewerly was born out of a passion towards the beauty of simplicity and timeless design. Our jewelry is simultaneously metal hard and light as a feather floating in the air, which creates a unique contrast. Our design is both relaxed and sophisticated, which makes it equally ideal for everyday life and festive occasions alike. Our carefully curated collection offers clean lines and interesting nuances, as well as volume and silence to complement various styles.

The core of TUOHI Jewelry design philosophy lies in the fact that our design is modern and timeless at the same time. The surprising juxtaposition of these two elements also automatically makes TUOHI Jewelry responsible. As these pieces of jewelry stand the test of time, they might become your favourites, treasures handed down from one generation to another.


TUOHI Jewelry is inspired by independent souls who choose their own path. They believe in their dreams, set their own goals and have the courage to make unique choices. They are curious about life’s wonders and dare to act. They are kind and confident. They have a solid social and ecological conscience. They make responsible choices and cherish beauty. We believe that you are one of them - one of us.


The designer behind TUOHI Jewelry am I, Reetta Tuohi. I have always had a strong sensory reaction to my environment and various objects. Spaces and shapes that resonate within me are the sources of my continuous inspiration. The form of a beautiful object leaves a trace in the mind just like a well-designed space. A lasting trace. A feeling that brings peace - caresses the soul. TUOHI Jewelry is the result of my latest visual creativity. I didn’t actually choose jewelry; it chose me. From somewhere deep within my subconscious, first arose shapes of jewelry, then surfaces, and finally the movement and play with light. Now the items I imagined are here, as TUOHI Jewelry.


My visual language and creative ways of working are very intuitive. Scandinavian minimalism is encoded in my identity. I have grown up in Finland, lived and breathed its fresh air and minimalistic landscapes. This has unavoidably left its mark on the style and design of my work and the kind of design tradition I want to continue. In jewelry design, I’m fascinated by the intimate bond between a clean form and a sophisticated finished surface. Both elements are essential for a striking end result. It is especially significant for me that the surface of the jewelry refracts light beautifully and invites touch. Therein lies the essence of TUOHI Jewelry aesthetics - the timeless touch.


Tuohi is my last name, but the word tuohi also refers to the protective bark layer of Finland’s national tree, the silver birch. The bark’s light-coloured outer surface is beneficial for a tree at the Northern latitudes. The whiter the trunk’s outer layer is, the more it reflects sunbeams, keeping the tree’s temperature steady. Likewise, the silver surface of TUOHI Jewelry reflects light, making the jewelry sparkle. The connection of my last name’s English version to silver was a chance too magical to be ignored. This is how TUOHI Jewelry got its name.